Hi, Auteur.

We want to score that film of yours that keeps you up at night.

That genre-busting personal script that others call “quirky and uncommercial”? The film you’re funding by selling your own blood? We can’t wait to work with you on that. If you possess a unique cinematic language so precise even Wes Anderson would exclaim “lighten up”, you’re our kind of storyteller.

Our sound has melodies to make your eyes weep, rhythms to make your spine sway, and textures to make your throat tighten. We’ve spent decades working in Classical, Rock, Latin, Funk, and Ambience, so we’re primed to empathize with your characters’ emotional needs.

Contact us today. Operators are standing by.

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15 + 15 =

  1. Visitations - First Book 0:34
  2. SSC 0:47
  3. Crocodile Tears - Opening Spiky Blimp 0:55
  4. Moonwalker - The Eye of the Schwinn 1:12
  5. Visitations - We Meet Again 1:30
  6. Left Heart - Your TATs Are Showing 3:22
  7. Crocodile Tears – Are You Sure? He's Still Resisting! Spiky Blimp 0:46
  8. Visitations - 16-bit Race 2:16
  9. Game of Chairs - Well This Is A Fine Mess Spiky Blimp 0:22
  10. Left Heart – Sutro Baths 2:30
  11. Crocodile Tears - Barbershop Quartet From Hell Spiky Blimp 1:41
  12. Game of Chairs - Mandolinsanity Spiky Blimp 0:25
  13. The Pilgrimage - The Only Way I Know Spiky Blimp 1:47
  14. The Ghosts of Highway 20 - Riu Riu Chiu Spiky Blimp 2:19
  15. The Pilgrimage - America Spiky Blimp 1:19